Step 1

Select the contacts you want to update. 

If you're updating the list to prepare for the upcoming GDPR related changes, you can find a list with invalid country entries on the Interests page, in a group called "Envoke Support".  The interest is called "Invalid country values". 

If this interest doesn't exist it means all contacts in your account have a valid country code. There may still be contacts with a blank country field but blanks aren't considered invalid. In case of a missing country field the "default country" setting is used.

Step 2

Be sure "country" field is included in your list as a column, then export the list.

Step 3

Update the values in the country column in the exported list to use a supported ISO country code or country name.

Step 4

Remove unrelated columns from the file - leave only email and country.

Step 5

Re-import the list using the following settings:

  • no need to add a new interest/list
  • use a source "Existing contacts"
  • set consent to "not provided" -- because you're re-import existing records their consent status will NOT change. If contacts already provided express or implied consent this will NOT be removed. The original consent status will be kept.

In this short video we go through the steps from this article.

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