This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality. 

The Envoke tracking script uses first party cookies to report on the sources of leads and overall traffic to a website. Visitors receive up to four different cookies during their time on the website:


  • Indicates whether a visitor is returning or visiting for the first time


  • Stores marketing source, medium and campaign data about the current visitThis data is passed to Envoke if the visitor submits a form
  • A visit is considered expired after 30 mins of inactivity


  • Indicates whether a visitor has previously submitted an Envoke form or arrived from an Envoke email campaign


  • A number indicating the number of pages viewed during the current visit

Additional cookies for custom reporting and functionality

Some custom projects require additional cookies that operate independently from the Envoke tracking script. The details of their implementation differ on a case-by-case basis and are available upon request.

Example projects:

  • Pop-up forms
  • A/B testing

Cookies from third party products

The Envoke tracking script can be configured to load and integrate with Google Analytics, Adobe Reports & Analytics and additional scripts through Google Tag Manager. These products may set their own cookies which are independent from the Envoke cookies.

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