Conversion tracking for email campaign clicks is done using link tagging with Google Analytics (UTM) tags.

Links in email messages are auto-tagged by default with Google Analytics "UTM tags".

To enable link tagging for your account, check the "Enable Google Analytics link tagging by default" checkbox on the Settings page. This is ON for all new accounts.

When this setting is enabled, every link in every email campaign is auto-tagged with the following tags:

  • utm_medium = email
    this cannot be changed
  • utm_campaign = [name of email campaign]
    automatically populated with the name of your email
  • utm_source = [list of recipients]
    automatically populated with the name of your recipient list
  • utm_keyword = [email subject line]
    automatically populated with the subject line of your email
  • utm_content = [blank]
    not populated automatically

For example:

If your message is called "Winter Promo" and you're sending it to "Newsletter subscribers" then links will look like this: Promo&utm_source=Newsletter subscribers

You can override the default values in the sidebar of the message editor.

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