Date ranges

Each created report will display data within a selected date range. The date range can be adjusted at any time. You may choose from a list of preset options or select between specific dates on a calendar.

Each report can also be build to show a rolling date range, which will adjust over time. For example: Last week, Last month, Last 90 Days, This year, etc.


All reports can be sorted by their metrics. Click on the name of the metric to switch between sorting options: high to low, low to high, unsorted.


Reports can be organized into separate custom dashboards for quick, easy viewing. 

The "Home page" dashboard houses reports which can be seen on home page, immediately after logging into Envoke. 

To create a new dashboard, open any report to the edit page or create a new report. In the left hand column, under the Name and Description fields, will be a Dashboard field. The dropdown menu shows all currently available dashboards. To create a new one, simply type the name of your new dashboard into the empty field. 




Reports may be filtered according to dimensions and the key questions that have been configured for the Envoke account. Note that some filters are report type and dimension specific; not all are available in every report.

  • Mediums
  • Forms
  • Forms Groups
  • Business Units
  • Converting Medium
  • Region
  • Sales Channels

An essential part of building any engagements is testing them, but over time test submissions can significantly skew reporting totals. Test contacts can be excluded from any given report based on their email address for example "Any contacts with an "" email address. Please contact support if you would like to exclude test contacts from any given report. 


The option to export any report exists in the left hand sidebar of the report editor. Open the report you would like to export and after setting the desired date range and filters, a .csv version of your report can be exported using the button below. 

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