If you don't have access to create new users

If you can't access the users page please contact your account administrator. They can add additional users.

If you are the account administrator

Go to the users page and enter the new user's email address then click the "Add" button. On the next page enter the name of the user as well as a password and select the user type (see more about user types on the bottom of this page). 

Select the "Send user login credentials via email" option to email the new user their login credentials.

Advanced settings:
There are many advanced settings / fields on the user setup page that you can leave blank for standard users; these settings are used only when adding lead managers and sales users.

Available user roles:

  • standard / marketing user: access to all features access to a single account only but no access to technical functions (i.e.: edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and no access to create additional sub-accounts or users
  • administrator / technical user: access to all features and all sub-accounts plus access to technical functions (i.e.: edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and creation of additional sub-accounts and new users
  • lead manager: has access to list of leads only and can assign leads to salespeople
  • sales person: has access only to leads assigned to them
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