When importing new contacts or re-importing existing contacts into your database, in addition to defining their consent status, you can also specify when that consent was received. Whether keeping track of when your Express consent contacts signed up or ensuring Implied consent expires at the correct time automatically, adding a "Consent Effective Date" to your import is an important step. 

Adding Consent Effective Date

Consent effective date may only be added or changed via import.  


For the consent effective date to be imported correctly, please ensure your .csv file is formatted as such: 

1. For the consent effective date column to be automatically mapped to the corresponding system field, the column title must be: Consent Effective Date. 

2. The date must be follow the format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2017-06-24) It is important to use dashes and a zero before any single digit number like "01". 

For new contacts

In order to add a consent effective date for new contacts, it is sufficient to add the effective date following the formatting above, choose a consent status and import. 

For existing contacts

In order to add or change the consent effective date for existing contacts, after choosing a consent date, the checkbox to update consent and consent effective date must be checked. 

If the import file contains both new and existing records, the checkbox above must still be checked to add effective date for existing contacts. In this case, all contacts which have a defined consent effective date will be updated. 

Automated consent expiry and consent effective date

One of the most important reasons to be able to import a contact's consent effective date is to ensure all contacts with an expiring Implied consent status are correctly managed. Expiry for expiring Implied consent statuses is calculated from the Consent Effective Date. By default, if no such date is defined, the date they were imported will become the effective date. In most cases, this is inaccurate so importing a consent effective date is crucial for these contacts. 


Contacts with expiring Implied consent cannot be given an earlier consent date. For example a contact with Implied - Inquiry consent (expires 6 months after effective date) cannot be given a consent effective date that will expire them earlier. 


Will expired records be "revived" if updated original consent date is imported, if so, under what circumstances?

A contact with an Expired consent status may be "revived" if a more recent consent effective date is imported for that contact. 


With Expired Consent

 After updating consent effective date

For contacts with Express or Revoked consent statuses, will consent effective date change? 

If you import a more recent consent effective date for a contact with Express consent, the consent effective date will be updated to the more recent date. Similarly, it is possible to add an earlier back-dated consent effective date for Express consent contacts.

Consent effective date for revoked contacts cannot be changed in any way. This date indicates exactly when that contact revoked consent and must be maintained to comply with CASL.  

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