The Consent & Subscription Preferences page is linked from the bottom of every email you send from Envoke. 

You can preview this page from the user interface or by clicking the "change preferences" link from a test email.

The page is shown in English by default. If contacts' language field is set to French then it's automatically shown in French.

Customizing the "unsubscribe" link

You can customize the unsubscribe link in email messages as follows:

  • {@pref-0} - Link to the preferences page to replace the default link
  • {@pref-1} - Link to preferences page in addition to the default link
  • {@pref-1}/2 - One-click (instant) unsubscribe
  • {@pref-1}/3 - Consent checkbox pre-checked
  • {@pref-1}/4 - One-click (instant) provide consent
  • {@pref-1}/fr - Preferences page, force French wording 
  • {@consent-banner} - Display consent request banner

Just enter the macro to the URL area of the link settings window:


Example of the preferences page

Sharing the preferences page

DO NOT SHARE THE LINK to the preferences page as it's tied to YOUR email record. Each contact has to click a link from an email send to them to access their own preferences page


Be sure to re-subscribe yourself after testing the unsubscribe / consent revoked option otherwise you won't be able to send yourself (test) emails.

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