Request to be contacted or (R2BC) is an interest which is applied to contacts who request to be contacted on a form. By choosing this option, the contact automatically becomes a Lead and is transferred to the Lead Manager to be routed to a salesperson. 

Adding R2BC to forms (1st step)

To add the Request to be contacted field to any form, click anywhere on your form to edit the form fields and click on the 

 button. From there, choose "Request to be contacted (R2BC)"
You have the option to add a Request to be contacted checkbox or add it as a hidden field. If adding as a hidden field, submitting the form will automatically add the R2BC interest to the contacts that submits it.

2nd step form

After a form is submitted, you can choose to send the user directly to a "Thank You" page or first to a 2nd step form which is dedicated to request to be contacted. This option exists in the form builder, under "Form Settings".

Phone / Email

When adding the request to be contacted field to your forms, you can choose to give users the option to choose how they would like to be contacted, either by phone or email. The email field is a standard required field on all forms. If the user chooses 'phone' using the email/phone radio buttons, the 'phone' field will automatically appear or disappear if 'phone' is deselected. 

Lead manager & R2BC

A contact that requests to be contacted will be considered a lead and will appear under the 

 tab. Also, when the contact enters the system as a lead, the fact that they request to be contacted is documented on the lead timeline along with the time and date that that request was made.

Confirmation email sent to leads

A confirmation email will be sent to the lead as they request to be contacted. The message is only sent to contacts who became a lead after filling out a form with a contact request (imports and manual changes do not trigger a lead confirmation email). This is a transactional message so it will be sent regardless of consent status. 

Note: If you have setup a lead nurture campaign a lead may receive two emails at once when they request to be contact. You can turn off this transactional message on the Account Settings page => "Send confirmation message when request submitted". 

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