Return a list of contacts

Endpoint: /contacts
HTTP method: GET

Get a list of full contact objects. This list can be filtered by a number of conditions see API Filtering. The result set can be returned sorted, limited to a total number of results and paged by skipping a number of records.

NOTE: All examples below are formatted for readability, actual GET requests require URI encoding. Each example below also includes a cURL request. Make sure to change the API_ID and API_KEY with your values.

Return all contacts
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""

Find 5 contacts sorted by email address ascending[email]=ASC&limit=5
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""


Find a contact by email address[email]
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""


Find a single contact with the id "1234"
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""


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