Zapier moves information between web apps. Our Zapier integration allows you to transfer data from and to your Envoke account. For some Zapier CRM integrations (including Salesforce) you'll need to have a paid Zapier account.

Triggers in Envoke

Triggers are events that initiate a Zapier integration (called a Zap). Envoke supports the following triggers:

  • New lead
  • New contact
  • Form submission
  • Passed to sales
  • New opportunity
  • New sale
  • Lead update
  • All submissions (API update, imports, manual updates)

Actions in Envoke

Actions are events that happen inside Envoke as the result of a Zap. This is used to insert or update data in Envoke based on triggers in another system. 

Envoke supports the following actions:

  • New lead
  • New contact
  • Update lead
  • Update contact

Future triggers:

  • Email activity
  • Visits for known contacts

NOTE: Email activity and visits are visible in the Envoke timeline. A public link to the timeline can be inserted into a custom field in third-party systems, allowing users to access the timeline from these systems.

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