CASL stands for Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. It applies to Commercial Electronic Mail (CEM) sent to Canadian contacts - not just by Canadian companies.

Envoke tracks consent for each contact and automates the rolling expiry of implied consent. 

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Here are few important considerations:

  • CASL applies to Canadian contacts only so be sure to mark the location of your contacts. Our Geo IP functionality automates collection of country for contacts. This setting needs to be enabled on the account settings page and you need to use our visit tracking code available for lead generation/marketing automation clients only (if you use Envoke to send emails only then this setting is unavailable for your account)
  • It's recommended to always solicit express consent as contacts are added to your list. (for example on forms). Express consent doesn't expire.
  • If express consent isn't provided you can still send emails to contacts but only for a limited time as implied consent automatically expires. 
  • Consent can be updated self-serve by contacts on the consent and subscriptions preferences page or updated by users via the user interface.
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