Margins (padding) are automatically added around all content blocks.  If you see little or no margin around content here's a checklist to troubleshoot:

A single column, full width image section is used for text

Full width sections for images don't have margins by design as these sections are meant for large images that take up the full width of the email without margins on the sides.


Use a full width section for text that includes padding. 

Images too wide

Each section is designed to accept images of certain sizes. Images that are larger than what's intended for various sections will make sections wider and may create layout issues throughout the email. 


Use required sizes for images. Visit this page to find out more about image sizes.

Email address in sidebar

Email addresses cannot be broken into multiple lines. They always go on a single line and if they are too long they will "push" sidebars to become wider than intended, which in turn removes margins. 


Instead of typing out the full email address add a link such as "send an email".

Operating system zoom level is set to larger than 100%

If all of the above solutions fail to fix the issue check your operating system and confirm that accessibility / display settings are set to 100% zoom. At 125% zoom for example images will scale up and break email layouts.

Using Outlook 2013 120 DPI version

This version is not supported by Envoke. It scales up images automatically and this causes layouts to shift/break. The marketshare for this version of Outlook is < 0.1%

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