Start a nurture campaign when a form is submitted. Subsequent messages are sent relative to the date of the form submission. 

Step 1: Create your nurture email(s)

Create your emails the same way you would create any other email but leave them in draft state. (don't send them to anyone)

Step 2: Setup your nurture schedule

Create a new nurture sequence and add your messages to it.

Step 3: Add the nurture sequence to your form

In the form editor, add a new element, select "nurture". On the next screen select the nurture sequence you created in Step 2.

Will contacts receive the same nurture series again?

If a contact is already part of a nurture campaign and there are still messages scheduled to be sent later on then that contact will continue to receive emails as per their nurture schedule - the schedule will not restart.

If a contact is not currently part of a nurture campaign they will start receiving the emails from the nurture campaign from the beginning - even if they already received all emails from the same nurture campaign previously.

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