Note: This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality.

Use cases

  • Assign all leads from North America to salesperson ABC and send a lead alert to

  • Send leads into your CRM (and send an email alert)

  • Send an email alert upon form submission without salesperson assignment

What's included in email alerts

Email alerts sent include each lead’s event-based timeline. Alert timelines display contact info, events and times of all previous form submissions, original and converting sources, media, campaign, search engine, past website visits, previous sales alerts, lead managers’ notes, previous sales ratings and data imported. 

Add new automated email alert

Go to the routing rules page and click the "Add new" button.

Select the interest that triggers the alert and the user to send the alert to and if this is for a lead (assign to sales) or non-lead (alert only).

If the user to send the alert to doesn't exist you need to create it first.

Automatic lead routing can be set up using various rules for business unit, product category, or lead region.

When auto-routing rules match a new lead the lead will automatically be sent either by email to the appropriate sales person or team, or inserted directly into your CRM system, depending on your account setup.

A "manual routing" option is also available. This approach is often used because it has the advantage of a human review before leads are sent to sales.
This can be an important pre-filter where the person looking at the leads can either send the lead to the best person to handle it, or filter out any poor quality or invalid submissions so they won’t even be sent to anyone. This keeps your sales funnel metrics really clean.

Submission types

Submissions come into Envoke in one of the following ways:

  • Manual edits and creates in the UI

  • Imports

  • Form submissions (default)

  • API requests

  • Custom integrations (for example chat software)

Based on interests in these submissions, automated actions may be setup.

Automated actions

The following automated actions are available:

  • Pass the lead to sales

  • Alert only: Send an email alert about the submission (no lead ]action will be taken)

  • Trigger an integration — for instance with a CRM or GoToWebinar

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