Supported HTTP Methods

  • GET

  • POST


Lead Lifecycle

  1. New lead

  2. Marketing rating

  3. Sales rating

  4. Opportunity

  5. Sale

Lead Fields

Lead Statuses / Marketing rating

Field: "marketing_rating_status"

  • "Not applicable"

  • "Unprocessed"

  • "Passed to sales"

  • "Deferred"

  • "Lead updated"

Sales rating 

Field: "sales_rating_status"

  • "Not applicable"

  • "Unprocessed"

  • "Rated good"

  • "Rated bad"

  • "Contact attempted"


Field: "opportunity"

  • "None"

  • "Yes"

  • "Cancelled"


Field: "sale"

  • "None"

  • "Yes"

  • "Cancelled"

cURL Examples

Return a list of leads:

curl -X GET -u USERNAME:PASSWORD "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/leads"

Find 5 leads that have been converted to opportunities

curl -X GET -u USERNAME:PASSWORD "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/leads?filter%5Bopportunity%5D=YES&limit=5"

Find a single lead with the id "1234"

curl -X GET -u USERNAME:PASSWORD "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/leads/1234"

Create a new "Hot" lead and contact

curl -X POST -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -d "{\"contact\":{\"email\":\"new-contact@api-testing.com\"},\"rule_rating\":\"Hot\"}" "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/leads"

Update a lead with the id "1234"

curl -X PATCH -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -d "{\"marketing_rating_status\":\"DEFERRED\",\"marketing_rating\":\"Cold\"}" "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/leads/1234"


Envoke Lead Object (with embedded Contact Data Object)

   "id": "1234",
   "contact": {
      "id": "321654",
      "remote_id": "",
      "first_name": "John",
      "last_name": "Purchase",
      "title": "Chief Architect",
      "email": "new-contact@api-testing.com",
      "company": "Art Vandelay Import/Exports",
      "phone": "647-987-1234",
      "address_1": "401 Richmond Street West",
      "address_2": "",
      "city": "Toronto",
      "country": "CA",
      "province": "ON",
      "postal_code": "M5V 5K7",
      "website": "",
      "language": "en",
      "feedback": "Hello. I'm interested in buying many of your widgets, please have someone contact me immediately!",
      "consent_status": "Express",
      "consent_description": "Lead is interested in receiving our widget updates",
      "custom_fields": [
         "widget_name": "Gold Deluxe Model 5X33"
      "interests": [
         "Business Products",
      "autoresponders": [
         "Marketing Sequence 1",
         "Whitepaper Download"
   "business_unit": "B2B Widgets",
   "remote_id": "",
   "marketing_user": "Jane Manager",
   "salesperson": "Tom Salesman",
   "create_time": "2016-02-05 09:13:06",
   "create_note": "",
   "rule_rating": "Hot",
   "marketing_rating_status": "Passed to sales",
   "marketing_rating": "Hot",
   "marketing_rating_time": "2016-02-05 10:57:42",
   "marketing_rating_note": "This is a great lead! You should check it out",
   "sales_rating_status": "Rated good",
   "sales_rating": "Contacted: Good",
   "sales_rating_time": "2016-02-06 14:17:37",
   "sales_rating_note": "",
   "opportunity": "Yes",
   "opportunity_time": "2016-02-06 14:17:37",
   "opportunity_note": "They are interested in buying widgets",
   "sale": "Yes",
   "sale_time": "2016-02-08 11:43:27",
   "sale_note": "Purchased 6 widgets",
   "revenue": "7595.00",
   "cost_of_goods_sold": "6200.00",
   "lead_region": "North America",
   "sales_channel": "Consumer",
   "industry": "Telecommunications",
   "timing": "< 1 month",
   "budget": "$5000+",
   "marketing_source": "Google",
   "marketing_medium": "cpc",
   "marketing_campaign": "early-funnel-campaign",
   "visitor_id": "1434636651779",
   "visit_id": "1455028009329",
   "pageview_id": "1455032370950"

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