This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality. 

The Envoke tracking script integrates traffic data from your website into the Envoke marketing database. Integration with Google Analytics provides in-depth visit and site traffic reports, while Envoke tracks the activity to the individual contacts.

It allows for reporting on leads and contacts by web marketing dimensions such as source, medium and campaign. If you are running paid search or other marketing campaigns, this data allows for optimizing the campaigns against higher-level metrics such as leads passed to sales, opportunities, or revenue.

The tracking script also allows tracking visitor activity history before they ever fill out a form.

Additional features:

  • Extend your reporting with integrations for Google Analytics

  • Load conversion pixels and code snippets with Google Tag Manager (which may be loaded as an extension of the Envoke script)

  • Track leads from live chat with LiveChatInc

  • Supports custom JS plugins to integrate with additional chat, shopping cart, and analytics software

  • Pre-fills Envoke forms with known contact details

Once enabled, the tracking script HTML snippet for your website can be found on the account settings page. To enable the tracking script for your account, please contact us.

Embedding the script on your website

Once the tracking script is enabled for your account, the embed code can be found at the on the account settings page.

To embed the tracking script, place the snippet on all the pages of your website, ideally soon after the opening <body> tag. It will look something like this:


<!-- Envoke Tracking -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    (function () {
        var n = document.createElement('script'); n.type = 'text/javascript'; n.async = true;
        n.src = document.location.protocol +'//';
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(n, s);
<!-- End Envoke Tracking -->

Loading the script through GTM

While aforementioned method is recommended, the tracking script may also be loaded through GTM or other tag management software. To do this, create a "Custom HTML" tag to fire on "All pages" and paste the snippet from the account settings page.

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