There are several reasons why a contact in your database won't receive your emails, this article explains how to troubleshoot this.

Overview of possible scenarios

The first step in troubleshooting is to find out if the email was sent in the first place. Then work your way down the path as shown in the flow chart below. Below the flow chart you'll find detailed instructions for each step.

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How to check if an email was sent to a contact

If the contact is not listed under the "Skipped" section of the email campaign report and they were part of the target list for your e-blast then your message was sent to them.

You can confirm by checking if the contact is show in the list of "Sent" emails: From the email campaign reports page, click the number shown by the "Sent" metric to view contacts the message was sent to (see step 1 below). Then search for the email address within this list of sent contacts (see steps 2 and 3 below). If you see the email in your search then the message was sent to them.

Did the email bounce?

Once you ascertain the a message was sent to a contact, check if it bounced. A bounce means that the recipient's mail server rejected the email before it even had a chance to reach the inbox. The two most common reasons for this is server level spam filtering or because of an invalid email address.

Follow the same steps as described in the "How to check if an email was sent to a contact" section but instead of checking for "Sends" you'll be checking for bounces.

You can also access the sending history for each contact from the contact details page to view the status of each message that was sent to them:

Email sent but went to spam folder or didn't arrive at all but no error (bounce) message is shown in Envoke

Read this article for details on how to troubleshoot emails that go to junk mail folders.

Email not sent

It's possible that a contact is part of the e-blast's target list but the email wasn't sent to them. This is either because they have an invalid email or there is no consent to send emails to them.

Contact is marked as invalid due to previous bounces

Contacts with historical failures are automatically excluded from e-blasts. This is a best practice to ensure your list is clean and you're not paying for contacts that you can't send emails to.

Contacts who were part of a target list of an e-blast but were not sent an email due to previous bounces are listed under the "skipped" section of the email campaign report as "Invalid emails".

Contact's email is not verified

Applies only to contacts who came via form submissions that included a requirement for double opt-in. If contacts don't confirm their emails their status is "unverified" and cannot be sent emails.

Read more about how Envoke manages bounces.

Does the contact have a consent status that allows sending emails to them? Contacts need to have express or implied consent so you can send them emails. Unsubscribed contacts or contacts whose consent had expired will not receive emails.

You can view a contact's consent status on the contact details page. Find the contact and click their email address to access the details page.

Tip: If you are testing the unsubscribe link remember to re-subscribe your contact record after you finished testing otherwise your contact record will remain unsubscribed and cannot receive emails.

Has the message been sent already?

Make sure sending is completed by confirming that the status of your campaign is shown as "Sent" on the messages list page.

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