Unlike express consent, implied consent is subject to expiry.

  • Implied consent based on an inquiry automatically expires six months after last obtained.

  • Implied consent based on a transaction automatically expires two years after last obtained.


There is a third type of implied consent, which does not expire. This implied without expiry setting can be used for existing business relationships, partners, active members of associations, and in other cases where CASL provides an exemption for expiry of consent.


Expiry of implied consent is fully automated, you don't need to manually track and update consent.

Once consent for a contact expires their consent state is changed to "Expired" and they will automatically be excluded from future email campaigns.

Canadian contacts only

Expiry only applies to Canadian contacts. To determine if a contact is Canadian the contact's country field is checked first. If the country field is blank we use the default country setting. For contacts who fill out forms their country is checked automatically using their IP address.

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