Note: This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality.

The lead manager connects your sales funnel with the Envoke marketing database and marketing automation software.

Leads may be created at any entry point: forms, imports (such as biz cards gathered at a tradeshow), the API, manual entry in the user interface, or via backend/third party systems. Not all submissions are sufficient to create a lead: the submission must meet a user-defined standard, or "lead creation rule". The simplest and most common rule that creates a lead is R2BC: "Request to be Contacted".

All leads are related to contact records in a "many-to-one" relationship. This means the history of a contact may contain multiple leads and sales events. However: all the emails sent, consent / subscription history, and contact information remain in a single place, representing all your marketing interactions with that person.

Envoke’s lead manager UI shows your real-time lead feed, fully filterable by status — processed, unprocessed, sales rated, date, category, business unit, contact info and more.

Any lead not auto-routed is sent here. Sales team leaders use this tool to see all leads as they arrive, then manually route them to salespeople. Customize columns to show only key data. Export any leads list from your UI, manage multiple business units, have as many lead manager users as you like, and configure them as you like.

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