Note: This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality.

When a lead requests to be contacted an introduction email can be sent once they are assigned to a salesperson; this email is useful as an introduction, to set expectations and provide contact details, etc.

Note: If a lead did not request a to be contacted (becomes a lead because of other factors such as budget, timeline, need, etc) then they will not receive the salesperson assignment email.

How to enable this confirmation email?

You can turn on this option on the Account Settings page => "Send introduction message when salesperson assigned"

When is the email sent?

The sales introduction email is only sent when

  • the feature is enabled (see above)

  • a lead comes via a form submission (import, manual entry and API are excluded) 

  • assigned to sales for the first time - it is not sent if the lead is reassigned to another salesperson or the lead record is updated

  • assigned manually from the lead manager or automatically using automated lead routing settings

From name and email

The sales assignment email comes "from" the salesperson's name and email.

Subject line and content

The subject line and content can be edited from the Account Settings page. Click the "Edit" button near the "Send introduction message when salesperson assigned" label.

Common merge fields that can be used are:

  • {@user-sales|signature}

  • {@user-sales|phone}

  • {@user-sales|email}

  • {@user-sales|fname} {@user-sales|lname}

Other merge fields are also available.

Transactional message

The sales assignment email is a transactional message, which means it is sent regardless of consent state and it does not affect nurture messages.

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