Images on mobile screens

You now have better control over how images are displayed on mobile screens: Use the "Expand to full-width on mobile devices" toggle on the image settings window.

Duplicating messages

The "Duplicate" button has been replaced with a "Save as..." option under the "Save" navigation item.

Discarding changes

The "Close without saving option" has been replaced by the "X" icon at the top right corner. Click the "X" and select "Discard" to exit the editor without saving your changes.

Adding buttons

You can now add buttons anywhere in the message. There are two steps to adding a button:

First, click the "+" sign in any content block:

Then select the "Add Button" option:

Updating colours

The colour selector is now located in the sidebar of the content editor window.

Sending test messages

The "Send test" message button is now under the "Send" navigation item:

Auto-deletion of new draft messages

Blank messages will be auto-deleted. If you create a new message and exit the editor without making changes to the message it will be auto-deleted. This way blank, draft messages won't clutter the messages list page.

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