Note: This option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality.

Route relevant leads to available sales people automatically without manual bias. 

General settings

  • dynamic routing schedule by business hours by day

  • maximum number of open leads by salesperson

  • maximum leads per day per salesperson 

Feature overview

Dynamic lead routing automatically assigns leads to salespeople who:

  • have gone longest without a lead

  • don't have leads pending review

  • are marked as available and

  • match the lead profile by business unit, lead region, channel (agent/consumer)

Mark your availability 

A lead will only be sent via the dynamic routing system when salepeople are marked as "online". The "online/offline" toggle needs to be changed manually. It will not automatically switch to "online" in the morning, won't automatically switch to "offline" when logging out of Envoke, etc.

Accept or decline leads

Click Accept or Decline in lead alert emails. If no action is taken the lead will time out. The timeout date/time is indicated in the lead alert message.

Leads may still be assigned manually, by lead managers, outside the dynamic routing system. Manually assigned leads don't have an "accept" / "decline" option and include lead details and the lead activity timeline.

Update lead status

After a lead is accepted it is considered "open" and appears on the "pending review" list. 

Action is required to clear "open" leads in order to be considered available to receive a new lead.

  1. Update lead status OR

  2. Request reassignment OR 

  3. Mark the lead as "unable to contact"


Notes can be added at any time without updating the leads.

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