Note: This options are available for an additional fee for clients using Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality.

Engagement builder plugin: Execute custom JS at different form events
Use case: Pickup email address or other fields from the URL and pre-fill form fields. Send data to another system at the time of form submission

Interest mapping: Maps text fields to interests.
Use case: Mark contacts from Canada and US to the North American lead region interest

Interest to interest mapping: Maps one interest to another.
Use case: Map a certain interest to a business unit interest.
In case of multiple interest matches, the first matching rule will be set, then the rest will be skipped, so higher in the list is a higher priority.

Add form conversion tracking code: Add third party conversion tracking code to a specific Envoke form without using a custom redirect URL. Using the formConfig.conversionHTML property.

Access to reporting database: Read only access to DB to run your custom queries.

Daily contact list sync: via a CSV file that is uploaded to us via cURL. New contacts are inserted, existing contacts updated and contacts that aren't on the CSV file are removed.

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