This nurture option is available only if you use Envoke's lead distribution and lead attribution functionality. 

State based nurture is the ideal way to automatically nurture prospect into leads.


State based nurture is triggered by a change in the contact state, for example a subscriber turning into a prospect.

Triggers can be restricted to any or all events: form, API, import, manual.

A nurture sequence is only triggered once - when the contact acquires a state for the first time.

Mutually exclusive

Only one nurture track can be active at any given time (nurture emails are mutually exclusive) to avoid sending conflicting messages. All previous state based nurture messages are cancelled when a new nurture sequence starts.

Special states

  • Default: doesn't match any other state (used as a fallback option)

  • New contact: The nurture campaign is sent regardless of other rules (RQL independent). Nurture based on this "New contact" state and and another state based nurture sequence can be triggered at the same time. For example every new contact can receive a "welcome message" and also another nurture track depending on their initial state.


A contact in a higher state will never receive a nurture campaign from a lower state regardless of other rules / API calls, etc. For example a lead will never receive nurture messages related to a prospect state.

Updating nurture messages

Nurture sequences are managed independently and can be edited any time without re-mapping states.

One way

States are one-way: contacts cannot move from a better state (higher score) to a worse state.


State based nurture configuration is currently not available self-serve from the UI, please contact us for setup. Once enabled a read-only view is available on this page.

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