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Automated email scheduling
How to define emails sent as part of email automation
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Automated messages can be sent as part of welcome emails, drip campaigns or date based automation such as birthday emails or renewal notices. Subsequent messages are sent relative to the date of the form submission. Here's how you can define which email are sent and when.

Step 1: Create the emails to be sent

Create your email messages the same way you would create any other message and leave them in draft state.

Step 2: Setup your message schedule

Create a new automated email sequence and add your messages to it. You can add an initial delay (number of days before the first message is sent) and specify delay between subsequent messages.

Step 3: Connect the automated message sequence to your form

You only need to do this step if you want the automated emails to be triggered when someone fills out a form.

In the form editor, click on any field to customize or add new fields. Click the "Add new field" button and select "Automation", then select the sequence you created in Step 2 to add to the form

Will contacts receive the same automated email series again?

If a contact is already part of an automated email series and there are still messages scheduled to be sent then that contact will continue to receive emails as per the email schedule - the schedule will not restart.

If a contact is not currently part of an automated email series they will start receiving the emails from the automated email series from the beginning - even if they had already received all emails from the same series previously.

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