To save you lots of time and let you create even more appealing and engaging emails we've added many new options to the email editor. 

Watch an overview below:

Here's what changed:

  1. Add background images in your emails for enhanced design. Using background images makes it easy to add text over images without having to open up Photoshop or another image editor. Read more about how background images are displayed in various email clients.

  2. Dynamic display on mobile devices allows you to hide parts of your message on small screens. For example you may want to hide a large image on mobile screens so your contacts don't have to scroll to see your primary content. Better mobile experience means higher conversions and fewer unsubscribes.

  3. Formatting of pasted text is no longer removed, which means when you're pasting text to the email editor links and headlines are retained so you don’t have to reformat your content. This will save you lots of time!

  4. Customizable padding around content blocks and in multi-column sections let you fine-tune your design layout. Want lots of padding for a spacious design? Check. Need tight spacing around content blocks? Check.

  5. Five new fonts are also available to choose from. This is an addition to the ten web fonts we added recently.

  6. Dynamic content is now available for entire sections. This is an expansion on the recently released dynamic content option. Dynamic content lets you customize content to recipients' interests. This option, too, is designed to achieve better conversions and reduce list churn due to unsubscribes.

  7. The updated image library makes it easier to review and organize your images. It's more intuitive to create new folders, resizing images is quicker and there is also a search option so you can easily find the right image even if you have hundreds of files in a folder.

  8. Call to action buttons can now use square corners and you have even more control over padding inside and outside the buttons.

  9. The Save and Cancel buttons were moved to the top on the email content editor screen. This ensures no scrolling is required when you're on a laptop.

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