You have several options to get help. All support is governed by our support policies.

How to get help?

Read detailed explanation of all functionality in our knowledge base.

Watch brief how-to videos for an overview of frequently used features.

Click the blue icon near the bottom right of each screen while you're logged in to your account to ask a question. You'll receive a response in the chat window and also by email.

You can schedule a 30-minute call to troubleshoot complex issues that are hard or inefficient to address via chat. Sessions are conducted via a videoconferencing app so we can share screens.

If your request is urgent please start a chat session and mention "URGENT" in your message. This ensures your question is prioritized. Chat is monitored even outside regular support hours.

After you started a chat session you can reach us at 416-840-2300 x2 from Monday to Friday between 9am to 8pm EST.

For new accounts:

A free training session is available for new accounts. Here's what to expect during new account setup, how to prepare and book a training call.

Training for existing accounts:

New users of existing accounts should review our getting started guide and receive training internally from an existing user to learn about account specific workflows and details such as the use of specific custom fields, import practices and your organization's guidelines for list segmentation and communications, etc. 

We provide one training session per year at no extra cost for existing accounts.

We may send pre-recorded training videos that cover common scenarios and ask you to watch these videos prior to booking a live session. This way we can focus on account specific details during the training call.

Training sessions can be recorded on request so you can forward the recording to team members who aren't able to join the call.

Support policies

Same support for all account types

Every account, including trial accounts, receive the same level of support and has access to the same support resources.

Support hours

Our regular support hours are from Monday to Friday between 9am to 8pm EST.

We monitor support chat outside these hours for urgent issues.

Response time commitment

Our response time to support inquiries is within two business hours during regular support hours. Urgent requests are prioritized and we'll do our best to respond as fast as possible. We don't provide service-level agreements.


Support is included with your account at no extra cost. As we respond to support questions we show or explain various functionality as related to your question but don't make changes on your behalf. Product services are available for a fee.


Support is unlimited as long as you don't abuse it. We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue support at our discretion. This happens extremely rarely. We'll reach out to discuss your support usage if needed.

Support requests must start via chat

Support requests must originate via chat while you're logged in to your account instead of sending us an email directly. This ensures that users are authenticated and you have access to historical tickets. It also allows us to manage support staff availability and to analyze support activity in order to improve service to our customers.

When a support chat is initiated you'll receive a response in the chat window and also by email. You can reply to this message to continue the conversation via email.

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