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Contact IDs

How to identify contacts using internal and external contact IDs

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Each contact has two Envoke IDs and can have an optional remote ID.

Contact ID

This is a numeric ID that is assigned to each contact record. It starts with 1 and it's incremented by 1 for each new contact record. It's used to identify contacts within the Envoke database.
โ€‹External contact ID

An encrypted string that is used to identify contacts on the subscription preferences page, clickthrough links and anywhere a contact needs to be identified on public pages and links.

The encryption ensures that subscription and consent settings, clicks and other information of another contact cannot be accessed by guessing IDs.

The External contact ID is assigned by Envoke and cannot be changed.

The merge field for this ID is:


Remote ID

This is an optional field that stores a unique ID from an external system, such as a CRM. It can be used to connect contacts from external databases with contacts in the Envoke database.

This ID can be imported or added via the API or manually.

The merge field for this ID is:

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