Forms can be used not only to get people to subscribe to your list but also to facilitate registration to events online and offline.

In the how-to video below we'll explain how to create a registration form that tracks registrants and automatically sends a confirmation email with attendance details.

Note that most of the steps require some one-time upfront work. Forms and emails can be duplicated to make it quicker to create subsequent registration forms.

Event registration form step-by-step setup:

1) Create a new tag with the event's name

2) Create the event confirmation email

3) Create an automated message and assign the confirmation email to it

4) Create a form and assign the automated message and the event tag to it

5) Create the event invitation email and link it to the registration form

6) Registrants are tracked on the list of forms page

More form settings

Read more about working with forms such as styles, standard and custom fields, display options, subscriptions, etc.

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