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Sync consent status between Envoke and CRM platforms
Sync consent status between Envoke and CRM platforms
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Adding consent status to Envoke from an external source (for example CRM platform)

When consent changes outside Envoke and you want that change to reflect in your Envoke database, use the contacts update API or a Zapier integration to sync changes to Envoke.

Adding consent status from an external source (for example CRM platform) to Envoke

As you send emails from Envoke, the consent status (whether or not you can send emails to your contacts) is automatically maintained in your Envoke account. Unless you send emails directly from your CRM platform or other platforms other than Envoke it's not necessary to sync consent status with your CRM platform. If you decide to proceed with the sync, the article below explains how to do it:

Use the hooks API to update consent in your CRM as it changes in the Envoke database. The hooks API sends a push notification to a URL of your choice where your developers add code to listen to these notifications and make updates in your CRM accordingly.

Hooks are a simple object with two fields: the receiving URL and the type of event in Envoke that triggers the request. In the example below, every time a contact's consent status changes, Envoke will POST to For the list of consent types see the contact API fields.


An example cURL request to create a new hook:

curl -X POST -u {API_USER_ID}:{API_PASSWORD} -d "{\"url\":\"\",\"type\":\"consent_change\"}" ""

โ€‹New contacts

The "consent_change" hook fires only when consent status changes for existing contacts. If you wish to sync new contacts from Envoke as well, set up an additional hook for type "new_contact".

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