When consent status changes in Envoke

Use the hooks API to update consent in your CRM. The hooks API sends a push notification to a URL of your choice where your developers add code to listen to these notifications and make updates in your CRM accordingly.

Hooks are a simple object with two fields: the receiving URL and the type of event in Envoke that triggers the request. In the example below, every time a contact's consent status changes, Envoke will POST to https://path-to-my-integration.com. For the list of consent types see the contact API fields.


An example cURL request to create a new hook:

curl -X POST -u {API_USER_ID}:{API_PASSWORD} -d "{\"url\":\"https://path-to-my-integration.com\",\"type\":\"consent_change\"}" "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/hooks"

New contacts

The "consent_change" hook fires only when consent status changes for existing contacts. If you wish to sync new contacts from Envoke as well, set up an additional hook for type "new_contact".

Adding consent status to Envoke

When consent changes outside Envoke, use the contacts update API or Zapier.com to sync changes to Envoke.

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