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How to send polls to your audience

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⚠️ Polls is currently a beta release. Beta features are early releases of a new product setting that is still a bit rough around the edges. They are fully functional but not refined enough to be part of the primary feature set. Through our customers' usage and feedback of beta features we gain insights about how to finalize development.

How to create and send polls?

There are four steps to creating and sending polls:

  1. Create the answers to your poll questions

  2. Create the poll form

  3. Get the link of the page with the form on it

  4. Send a link to the form to your contacts

STEP 1: Create the answers to your polls questions

The answers are going to be saved as tags. On the list of tags page create a new folder with the name of your poll. The folder name itself doesn’t show up for your contacts, it’s for your reference only.

⚠️ It’s important to check the “Make selections mutually exclusive.“ setting. This ensures that if someone submits the poll more than once, only their latest choice is recorded.

Next, click on the new folder you just created and add the various answers for the poll as tags. You should end up with a setup like this:

STEP 2: Create the poll form

From the forms page click the ‘Create form’ button and select the ‘hosted form’ option.

Click anywhere on the form to edit it and add the poll questions: Add a new field to the form and select tags.

Choose the "Radio button group - single select" display option and select the folder you created in Step 1.

Now you can make other customizations to the form, for example to update the button label and to update the thank you page text.

Step 3: Get the link to the page with the form on it

Copy the landing page link to your clipboard from the sidebar of the form editor.

Step 4: Send a link to the form to your contacts

Create a message the same way you would create any other email. Add a button in the email that links to the form. Paste the link from Step 3 in the "Link" field.

You are now ready to send the email to your contacts.


You can see results by going to the folder on the list of tags page. Each answer will show the number of times it was selected on the poll. You can click through to view the list of contacts who chose an answer. For this reason polls should only be used if the results don’t need to be anonymous.


Can I add the poll directly inside an email instead of linking it to a form?

No, form submissions inside directly emails aren't possible, you need to link to a page with the form on it.

How can I change the order of the poll answers?

The display order is based on tag names so you can rename tags to change the order, for example by prepending numbers to the names like this: 1 - Top rating 2 - Next answer. To prevent the numbers from showing up on the form use the tag description field, which will be used to display the names on the form instead of the tag name.

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