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Return stats about email campaigns including: sends, opens, clicks, bounces, revoked_consent

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The reporting API is currently a beta release. Beta features are early releases that are still a bit rough around the edges. They are fully functional, but aspects may be subject to change. In the case of APIs this may include breaking changes to field names, endpoints, or attribution logic. Through our customers' usage and feedback of beta features we gain insights about how to finalize development.

Return stats for email campaigns

Endpoint: /reports/emailActivityMetrics
​HTTP method: GET

Get a list of sent email campaigns. The fields returned are "message_id", "message_name", "subject", "sends", "opens", "clicks", "bounces", "revoked_consent".

Automated messages are included in the results.

NOTE: All examples below are formatted for readability, actual GET requests require URI encoding. Each example below also includes a cURL request. Make sure to change the API_ID and API_KEY with your values.

Return stats by message ID
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""

You can filter for multiple messages using array format.


Return stats by date range

The parameters start_date and end_date must by in YYYY-MM-DD format.
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""

Return stats by recipient list

The parameter segment can be used to return messages sent to a tag or segment. The required value is pipe separated: iid| for tags, fid| for segments.

For tags use the format: iid|TAG_ID

For segments use the format: fid|SEGMENT_ID|TAG_ID

Return data as CSV

By default data is returned as JSON. Change the format to ".csv" to return as comma separated values.

This example includes the limit parameter.
curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY ""


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