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Mobile vs desktop email opens

How reporting works for email opens by device and apps

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The mobile vs. desktop email opens report is available for emails sent after June 1, 2022.

Apple and Google privacy practices

Apple and Google together power over 80% of email platforms in North America and they have measures in place that makes it impossible to know what device was used to open emails or if the email was opened in the first place.

Apple's Mail Privacy Protection setting is aimed to prevent senders from knowing if and when an email was opened.

Google also has privacy measures in place to prevent email senders from knowing what device is used to read emails on Google powered platforms.

Consider clicks as your key metric for e-blasts

Because of these limitations the "mobile vs desktop opens" report cannot be fully accurate and should be interpreted with caution. Consider using click rates as your key email activity metric instead of open rates.

All emails should look good on mobile and desktop screens alike

Regardless of the ratio of mobile vs. desktop opens you should always design all emails to look good on both mobile and desktop devices. The Envoke email editor automatically takes care of this and makes all emails responsive, which means that display will adapt to the screen size of contacts that read them.

Outlook display issues

The breakdown between apps report is especially useful to find out what percentage of your contacts use Outlook to read your emails as Outlook has some known limitations when it comes to displaying messages.

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