Tag and subscription API (v2)
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Note that tags and subscriptions in the API are referred to as "interests" to match the contacts API.

NOTE: this is a version 2 API, and requires /v2/ in the route.

Return all tags and subscriptions

Endpoint: /v2/interests
โ€‹HTTP method: GET
โ€‹URL: https://e1.envoke.com/v2/interests

NOTE: All examples below are formatted for readability, actual GET requests require URI encoding. Each example below also includes a cURL request. Make sure to change the API_ID and API_KEY with your values.

Return all tags and subscriptions

curl -X GET -u API_ID:API_KEY "https://e1.envoke.com/v2/interests"

Return type

An array of objects containing the tag or subscription data.

The "type" field will have the value "subscription" for subscriptions.

Result example

"id": "1234",
"external_id": "7f001a962afec30f0525d0a716bd9d04",
"type": "interest",
"name": "Agents",
"group": "Sales channel",
"description": "",
"display_names": {
"en": "",
"fr": ""

Additional examples

Return subscriptions only:


Return the result as a key / value pair like the previous v1 API:


Return results from a specified folder (be sure to URL encode):

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