Envoke support policies
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Same support for every account

Every account, including trial accounts, receive the same level of premium support and has access to the same support resources. See your support options here.

Support hours

Our regular support hours are from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm EST, excluding Canadian statutory holidays.

We monitor chat support outside these hours for emergencies only.

Response time commitment

Our response time to support inquiries is within two business hours during regular support hours.

This response time is for initial responses and not a commitment to resolve issues within a two hour time frame.


Support is included with your account at no extra cost.

Support requests must start via chat

Support requests must originate via chat while you're logged in to your account instead of sending us an email directly. This ensures that users are authenticated, the conversation is connected to your account automatically and you have access to historical tickets. When a support chat is initiated you'll receive a response in the chat window and also by email. You can reply to this message to continue the conversation via email.

Scope: "Show versus do"

As we respond to support questions we show or explain various functionality related to your question but don't make changes on your behalf unless a change is unavoidable or a change is made to illustrate how something can be done or fixed.

For example we won't create a message based on a PDF you send us or import a list of contacts if you send us a list file, instead we explain how you can to do this on your own.

An exception to this is during the onboarding period for new accounts when we help with setting up your list, templates, forms, etc.


Support is unlimited as long as you don't abuse it, however, we reserve the right to suspend or discontinue support at our discretion. This happens very rarely and only after we've provided help via numerous channels (chat, email, Zoom calls) and user(s) from an account keep asking the same questions. It requires some technical knowledge to use Envoke and at times it's best to ask a coworker who has more technical experience for help.

Third party applications

Support is limited to your Envoke account. Envoke support staff won't log in to third party apps including but not limited to Wordpress, CRM systems and domain registrars. Do not send us passwords to third party apps.

Access to data

All Envoke support staff has access to data in client accounts. All Envoke staff have had background police checks, have signed NDAs and have data access provisions in their employment contracts. Security practices are regularly reviewed and employees are made aware of their obligations in maintaining the security and confidentiality of personal information under our control. Read our Privacy Policy here.

Email display issues

Inbox delivery

Due to the large volume of emails sent from our servers Envoke support can help with systemic email delivery issues (for example emails don't arrive to any inbox at a certain email provider) but it's not feasible for us to investigate email delivery issues to individual email addresses.

After you followed the steps described on the inbox delivery troubleshooting page and emails are still not arriving to inboxes consistently, you need to raise the issue with the recipient's email provider or mail server admin.

Contact list files

Support doesn't include troubleshooting or quality assurance of spreadsheets. Generally speaking this means that support staff won't open contact list files unless this is absolutely necessary in order to resolve an issue or a suspected bug.

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