Default unsubscribe footer

The unsubscribe link and your mailing address will automatically be added to the bottom of all email messages. Click the "Preview" button in the editor to view how this default footer looks like.

Here's an example:

Custom unsubscribe footer

To use a custom footer that fits your email design just add another content section to the bottom of your email and enter your custom footer content there. 

Once you add an unsubscribe link in your custom footer, which is mandatory, the default footer will be automatically removed. 

To add an unsubscribe link, type "Unsubscribe" or another word or sentence ("Manage subscription preferences", or "Unsubscribe from future emails from us", etc.) and link this text to one of the following macros:

  • Take user to preferences page: {@pref-0}
  • Instantly unsubscribe user (one-click/instant unsubscribe): {@pref-0}/2

To test your custom footer preview the message or send yourself a test copy.

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