Watch a detailed overview of the email editor. This video includes lots of details as we build a new message from the ground up.

(There is also a short version of the overview video if you're in a rush. This one doesn't have audio but still gives you a good idea of how the editor works.)

If you can't watch the video for some reason here's the gist of it in writing - plus a few screenshots:

Building blocks of emails

Emails are made up of 

  • sections (entire rows with one, two or three columns)
  • content blocks inside sections (each section can include multiple content blocks)

Sections control the layout only while content blocks include all design options, text, links, buttons and images.

Add and move sections

Click the "+" sign to the right of the editor and select a section to insert to the message. Once added, you can move (drag) sections up and down.

Add and edit content blocks

Each section must contain at least one block of content. Hover over content to reveal icons to edit it.

You can move blocks of content by dragging them to the desired location. The only limitation is that the area you move the content to must be the same width as the content you're moving.

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