Option 1) Duplicate an existing message

You can duplicate any message by clicking the "Save as..." link under the "Save" option in the navigation bar of the email editor. This way you can make iterative improvements to each new message.

Note that old emails that are incompatible with the editor cannot be duplicated. For these messages the "Save as..." option is disabled.

Option 2) Create a new message from scratch

Click the "New" button from the list of messages page and select one of the built-in layouts. No matter which layout you chose, you can customize your message later in the drag and drop editor, the layout is just a starting point.

Option 3) Custom HTML

You can paste / edit the source code of a message directly in the custom HTML editor. Select <html> from the list of layouts to get started. Use this option only if you created your email outside Envoke.

Note that we do not support messages that use custom HTML code.

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