Each Envoke account is made up of an umbrella account and one or more sub-accounts that are connected to the umbrella account. 

In most cases one umbrella account has only one sub-account but you can add any number of sub-accounts to the umbrella account. Sub-accounts are useful to manage unique lists by various departments of an organization.

No data sharing between sub-accounts

There is no data sharing of any kind between sub-accounts: messages, stats, contact lists, subscriptions, etc. in sub-accounts are independent of other sub-accounts.

Shared billing

Sub-accounts share the same pool of email credits that the umbrella account purchases.

There is no extra cost for maintaining sub-accounts.

User access

Regular users: can access a single sub-account only.

Account administrator: Account administrators can access all sub-accounts, create users and additional sub-accounts. By default the ability to create sub-accounts is turned off – contact us if you wish to set up additional sub-accounts and we'll enable this option for you.

Creating sub-accounts and users

You can create users from the My Users page.

To create a sub-account go to the My Clients page. On the Client list click "Create new" to create a new sub-account (sub-account = client).

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