Filters allow you to create custom segments using various criteria.

Email messages can be sent to contacts matched by a filter or you can use a filter to view part of your contact list.


Filters are dynamic and calculated real-time, they don't need to be refreshed after new contacts are added to the database or contact statuses change.

Filter conditions

  1. Select a field from the "Add new condition" dropdown selector
  2. Choose a condition type
  3. Select a value that should be matched for that field.

Repeat these steps for additional conditions.


An AND type filter will only return contacts that match all conditions in the filter.

An OR type filter returns contacts that match any condition in the filter.

Combining multiple lists

You can combine multiple lists by adding multiple criteria in the filter.

Duplicates are removed

The contact list will be de-duped when you send a message to contacts that are segmented using a filter.

Conditions limit

Each filter can contain a maximum of:

  • 20 internal lists.
  • 10 folder-based conditions, for example internal list folders.
  • 1 campaign-based condition, for example email clicks.
  • 55 custom fields.

Test filters

A filter that is marked as a "test filter" will show up on the test message window in the "Saved test filters" section when you're testing email messages. A test filter can contain up to 20 email addresses.

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