Sending personalized emails

How to send the most relevant content to your contacts

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Personalized emails reduce unsubscribe rate and increase list engagement. There are several ways to personalize messages:

List segmentation

Correct list segmentation is the back-bone of a successful email strategy. It ensures that your contacts are assigned to the most appropriate subscriptions and lists so you can target your email campaigns to send to the most appropriate list. This way you're sending content to people who indicated interest in the content they are receiving from you.

Merge fields

Merge fields, which are a type of dynamic content, can be used to display data from contact profiles such as a personalized greeting, IDs or custom links.

You can merge any field into your main email content and into subject lines including basic fields such as email, name, phone number and also custom fields.

Dynamic content blocks

Dynamic content blocks can be used to show or hide entire blocks of content in emails depending on recipients' interests.

For example you can send a generic newsletter but some recipients are also interested in event invitations. With dynamic content blocks you can include a block of content about an event that is only shown to contacts who are interested in events.

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