The GeoIP lookup function allows for automatic collection of country information on form submission. Manual entry will always override automatic country detection. 

Forms with "Country" field

In the case that a country field is present on a form, the correct country will be detected and pre-filled regardless of GeoIP setting.

Forms without "Country" field

When GeoIP is enabled, if "Country" is not a field that is collected by a form, it will be automatically detected and attached to the contact. 


GeoIP removes the need for a country field on your forms, automatically collecting country information to a high degree of accuracy for each form submission.  

Use Case

County level location is critical for CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) compliance. All users entering your database via forms, would automatically be assigned their correct country which ensures that Canadian contacts are marked as such and will be managed according to CASL.


The only requirement for GeoIP to work for your account is to use Envoke forms. 

How to enable

The option is available from the Account Settings page in the Locale section:


GeoIP will not work for manually entered contacts, for imported contact lists or for contacts submitted via API. Forms which have a country field will always pre-fill the automatically detected country, regardless of GeoIP settings. 

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