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Display past email messages for reference

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This feature is not available in the Standard billing plan. Compare pricing plans.

The public email archives page is a page hosted by Envoke and it lists archived email messages in chronological order using the subject line of each message as the display text.

The archives page is place where contacts can catch up on content they may have missed.

Link to the archives page from your website, social media and from sign up forms.

You can customize text and colours on the archives page to match your brand styles.

Adding a message to the archives page

To include a message on the archives page click the "Include in public archives" checkbox in message editor. Adding a message to the archives page does not remove it from your messages list.

Example of the email archives page

View the list of messages on the email archives page

Go to the Public Archives folder on the list of messages page to view only messages that currently appear on your archives page.

Updating an archived message

Sent messages by default cannot be edited but archived messages are an exception. Click the "Edit message" button in the editor to temporarily open up the message for editing. You can make changes to the archived message, then return to the sent message once the changes are made.

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