The from name is the first thing your audience sees in their inboxes. It greatly influences whether or not your email is opened at all.

Using a person's name rather than a company name can increase open rates dramatically. If this is not possible due to brand / company policy, a combination of personal name and company name is then next best option, for example: “Mary from Acme Inc”.

Avoid generic sender names such as “Administrator” or displaying the email address as the from name. 

In addition to the sender name, the "from" email address may also be shown in inbox previews. Don’t make it noreply@, instead make it personal or at least relevant such as support@ or mary@.

Manage your list of senders

You can manage senders (also called "from names") on the Account Settings page: 

Go to the "Email Campaigns" group in the sidebar and and click the "Edit list" button under the "Senders" headline.

These "Senders" then appear in the "Sender" field on the email editor page.

The email you send messages from will act as the "reply-to" email to your messages.

Note: you must use a domain you control as the from email address. For example is acceptable, while emails ending with,,, and other third party domains cannot be used.

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