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Insert new contacts with the API
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Existing contacts

When doing an insert, the API will return an error with a response indicating a duplicate contact, if the contact you're attempting to insert already exists in the database. Duplicates are checked by the contact's email address. In this case you can update the contact record.


Be sure to add a consent_status field otherwise you won't be able to send emails to contacts.


After a successful contact insert the Envoke contact ID is returned. This ID can be used to update the contact later.

Contact fields

All example below show the POST URL followed by the POST data. Each example below also includes a cURL request. Make sure to change the API_ID and API_KEY with your values.

Endpoint: /contacts
HTTP method: POST

Supply the full contact object JSON in the POST data. Example:

   "email" : "",
   "first_name" : "John"
curl -X POST -u API_ID:API_KEY -d "{\"email\":\"\",\"first_name\":\"John\"}" ""

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