Update a single contact using the contact's Envoke ID or email address as the key field. Read more about the difference between various contact IDs.

Endpoint: /contacts/
HTTP method: PATCH
URL: https://e1.envoke.com/v1/contacts/{CONTACT_ID}

Replace {CONTACT_ID} with the contact's Envoke id and include the contact update object JSON in the PATCH data.

NOTE: All example below show the PATCH URL followed by the PATCH data. Each example below also includes a cURL request. Make sure to change the API_ID and API_KEY with your values.

View available contact fields.

Update a contact with the id "1234"


   "province" : "MB",
   "city" : "Winnipeg"
curl -X PATCH -u API_ID:API_KEY -d "{\"province\":\"MB\",\"city\":\"Winnipeg\"}" "https://e1.envoke.com/v1/contacts/1234"
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