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Adding a consent checkbox to forms
Adding a consent checkbox to forms

How to add an express consent checkbox to your forms

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Do I need to add consent checkbox to my form?

A visible consent checkbox is not required for dedicated subscription forms (for example a 'newsletter signup' form). On dedicated subscription forms you can add a hidden consent field, which will automatically assign non-expiring express consent to contacts who submit the form. If a visible consent field is included and a contact located in Canada doesn't check it when submitting the form then they will be assigned "Implied - inquiry" consent, which automatically expires after 6 months.

Forms where the primary functionality is not to gather subscribers (for example 'contact us' forms or 'event registration' forms) should include a visible consent checkbox where contacts can confirm to be added to your mailing list.

Adding a visible or hidden consent checkbox to forms

The consent field may already exist on your form. If it does, click to customize it.

If the consent field isn't added to your form yet click the "Add new field" button and select the "Consent" option.

Select how you want the consent checkbox to behave and click the "Add field" button.

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