User roles

Users can access different functionality based on their designated user roles:

Adding a new user

From the users list page click the "New" button, enter the new user's email address and click "Next". On the following page enter additional details for the new user such as their name and password and select their role.

Manage existing users

You can view the list of users in your account on the users list page

Only administrators and sub-account administrators have access to manage users and sub-accounts

If you aren't an administrator, the user list page will show you the name and email address of your administrator(s). Contact them to have them grant you additional permissions or add new users.

You can view your current user role on your profile page.

Changing user roles

You can assign a new role to a user from the user settings page:

Sub-account access

If you have multiple connected accounts (called sub-accounts) you can designate each user to have access to one or more sub-account without having to create new user logins. They will be able to switch between sub-accounts they have access to. 

On the user settings page select the sub-account(s) the user should have access to and set a default. The default account is the account they access directly after logging in.

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