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Product development roadmap
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Customer driven development

Product changes work best when people who will use the new features are consulted. In fact a large portion of Envoke product changes are a result of customer feedback.

Book a feature feedback call to chat about events, integrations, branding, templates, subscriptions or any other setting or feature you’d like us to add or change. We'll work your feedback into the product development roadmap.

Upcoming product changes for April to June 2023

Reusable sections for templates and messages

Reusable sections will allow account administrators to save sections of an email message to a library of “reusable sections”. These sections in turn can be dragged and dropped into any email template or message. Sections can contain multiple content blocks. For example a section can include a headline, image, text and a button.

Reusable content blocks will save you lots of time!

Branding and quality assurance

Account administrators will have the option to

  • add custom fonts specific to their organization in addition to the set of fonts that are available by default

  • define a set of brand colours and fonts and restrict users from choosing custom fonts and colours.

  • disable default templates offered by Envoke and force users to use custom branded templates only.

These changes will give administrators the ability to fully lock down branding so standard users can’t inadvertently break out of branding guidelines.

Undo layout changes in the email editor

We’re adding an option to undo layout changes in messages and templates to make it possible to revert the deletion or an update to content blocks.

With this option there will be three ways to undo changes: For text changes made to individual content blocks, layout changes and a version history that spans multiple days of activity.


  • Report on changes to the number of subscribers over time for each subscription

  • Ask contacts that unsubscribe to provide feedback. Collect and report on the reason for unsubscribing.

These reports will give you insight into subscriber trends and will help guide content development as you adjust your communication strategy.

Sending bilingual message

  • We'll make it easier to get a link to the online version of emails. This will help with interlinking English and French messages.

  • The addition of a “message language” setting will automatically narrow the recipients list of that message based on contacts' language preference. This way there will be no need to manually add a condition to a recipient list based on language preference.

General improvements to working with templates and messages

  • Ability to send a test email to multiple recipients at once

  • Hitting escape mid-drag will cancel the drag and drop operation

  • Ability for admin users to edit locked content in messages

  • Messages to be created in the active folder on the messages list page

  • Provide easier access to the image editor (crop, resize, etc)

  • Bug fix: Option to define colours for elements in a content block that don’t yet exist

  • Improvements to control link underlining in messages

  • Ability to quickly preview the number of recipients in scheduled messages

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