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Product development roadmap

Keep up to date with upcoming product changes and new features

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Customer driven development

Product changes work best when people who will use the new features are consulted. In fact a large portion of Envoke product changes are a result of customer feedback.

Book a feature feedback call to chat about settings or features you’d like us to add or change. We'll work your feedback into the product development roadmap.

Upcoming product changes for July - September 2023

Message sending, sharing and quality assurance

  • Reusable sections will allow you to build a library of frequently used content that you can insert into any message or template

  • Make an RSS feed available for archived messages

  • Ability for admin users to edit locked content in messages

  • Option to copy internal stakeholders on email campaigns

  • Option to add a custom note that shows up on the top in test messages to easily highlight content or concerns for test message recipients

  • Ability to quickly preview the number of recipients targeted with scheduled messages

Subscriptions and consent

  • Report on changes to the number of subscribers over time for each subscription

  • Make available a French version of the automated consent expiry reminder emails

  • Report on automated consent expiry email sends

  • Remove the one-click (instant) unsubscribe option to prevent bots from unsubscribing contacts

For sub-accounts

  • New dashboard for subaccount admins to review email activity across all subaccounts at a glance.

  • Expansion of branding controls so subaccount admins can set branding for all subaccounts at once

  • New email activity report across subaccounts


  • Option to automatically delete contacts from Envoke that don't exist on the imported CSV file

User roles

  • New reporting-only user role

  • New accounting type user role

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