This page outlines major items only from our product roadmap. You can view completed features releases here.

October 2022 - December 2022

Subscription management and list segmentation

  • Allow updating colours and fonts on the Email Preferences Page with live preview

  • Option to add a description and thumbnail image for each subscription option that appears on sign up forms and on the Email Preferences Page

  • Pick and choose which fields contacts can update on the Email Preferences Page

  • Collect and report on unsubscribe reason when someone unsubscribes

  • Remove the one-click instant unsubscribe option to prevent bots from unsubscribing a contact

  • Advanced segmentation: Option to select multiple tags and subscriptions in custom segments. This allows the combination of "AND" and "OR" type conditions within a single segment.


  • Mobile vs desktop email opens report

  • Report on email opens by app (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple, etc)

Email editor

  • Introduce an "Add to calendar" section in the email editor to promote events

  • Preview emails as any contact on your list to easily test dynamic content and merge fields

  • Allow customization of the Email Archives Page (colours and fonts)

Member engagement

  • Introduce poll functionality (this was originally planned for earlier in 2022)

  • Send automated renewal reminder emails based on a renewal date field


  • New API technical documentation to help developers create API automations

  • Improved integration options with

January 2023 to March 2023

  • Event RSVP option: allow registration to events easily directly from emails.

  • Option to add a custom note to top of test emails to communicate ideas with team members

  • Option to use a separate reply-to email in e-blasts

  • New form submissions trend report

  • Add captcha option to prevent form submissions by bots

  • SSO option

  • Option to add border around content blocks in the email editor to be used for callout boxes and enhanced design

  • Introduce full-width email templates

  • View a list of contacts who are excluded from email campaigns prior to sending

  • Fully locked email branding: Lock styles in email templates by admins in a way that standard users cannot break out of.

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