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Product development roadmap

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Upcoming product changes for January - March 2024


  • SSO integration with Microsoft Azure

  • Sync database when importing a list: Option to automatically delete contacts from Envoke that don't exist on the imported CSV file. Used when you want to replace your contact list instead of adding contacts to it

Message sending, sharing and quality assurance

  • Option to add a custom note that shows up on the top in test messages to easily highlight content or concerns for test message recipients.

  • Allow selecting multiple tags to send emails to directly from the recipients tab without having to navigate away to create a custom segment first.

Mandatory subscriptions

  • Transition mandatory email sending to be based on subscriptions. Currently mandatory email sending is message based: a message that is marked as mandatory can be sent to any contact. In the new subscription based mandatory sending model contacts are assigned to mandatory subscription lists and mandatory messages can only be sent to contacts who are part of these mandatory subscription lists.

  • Introduce a dedicated Email Preferences Page for email recipients that receive a mandatory message. Currently the Email Preferences Page is the same when it's accessed from the footer of optional and mandatory messages.

  • Provide an option for mandatory content recipients to request removal from mandatory messages. They will not be able to self-serve unsubscribe. Requests need to be approved by an administrator.

Email Preferences Page

  • Show contacts the subscription that was used to receive emails when they access the Email Preferences Page from the footer of a message they received. Currently the Email Preferences Page lists all available subscriptions but the recipient has no way to know which of these subscriptions the message they just received was sent to.

  • Option to customized the confirmation page text after a contact unsubscribes.

Customer driven development

Product changes work best when people who will use the new features are consulted. In fact a large portion of Envoke product changes are a result of customer feedback.

Book a feature feedback call to chat about settings or features you’d like us to add or change.

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