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Product development roadmap
Product development roadmap

Keep up to date with upcoming product changes and new features

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Upcoming product changes for July - September 2024

User roles

  • Standard and restricted users will have the option to send mandatory messages. This is currently limited to administrator users only but it's not practical to give admin access to users just so they can send mandatory messages.

Email sending API

  • Option to use the API to send a message that was premade in Envoke.
    Currently you need to provide the message HTML with each email API send request.

Message sending, sharing and quality assurance

  • Requirement to select a subscription list first when selecting email recipients.
    This change is intended to ensure your contacts are in control of their email preferences by sending emails based on their self-selected subscriptions as opposed to internal tags that contacts cannot change and have no visibility into. Learn more.

  • Start work on a universal email footer to replace the current email footer system. The goal of this project is to make it more intuitive to edit and preview email footers using a combination of static and customizable elements in the footer.

  • Multiple small usability improvements and minor bug fixes

Mandatory consent

  • Separation of mandatory and opt-in consent for each contact.
    Currently mandatory emails are sent to any contact you select as a recipient for these messages. Going forward mandatory consent designation has to be indicated at the contact level. This makes it possible to turn mandatory consent on and off independent of consent to receive opt-in messages and reduces the chances of sending mandatory messages to the wrong list. Learn more.

Email archives page

  • A separate email archives page will be available per subscription.

Do you want to help shape the product roadmap?

Product changes work best when people who will use the new features are consulted. In fact a large portion of Envoke product changes are a result of customer feedback.

Book a feature feedback call to chat about settings or features you’d like us to add or change.

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