This page outlines our product roadmap. You can view completed features and updates here.

In 2021 we've added new reports, introduced private subscriptions, increased password strength requirements, made improvements to the contact import process, added tons of customization options to the subscription preference page and shipped dozens of updates for the email editor. Plus we've made lots of back-end updates to keep the machinery running.

We are continuing this momentum for 2022:

January 2022 - June 2022

The product roadmap for the first half of 2022 is finalized:

Email editor

  • Notification if someone else is editing the same message - to prevent overwriting each other's changes.

  • Undo option (message wide, not just within individual content blocks)

  • Email editor version history to view and restore previous saves - even from days ago or changes made by other users.

  • Add "sharing" content block type

  • Improved drag and drop precision (user experience)


  • Making email reports exportable as a CSV file including the links clicked report

  • Ability to export email reports as PDF (to share with the team)

  • Improved data visualization by adding more reporting graphs.

Access / security

  • Two factor authentication option to login

  • Option to force password expiry after X months

  • Custom password strength requirements

July 2022 to December 2022

  • Set the "Regulatory communication" option at the email template level

  • Add "Send regulatory emails" as a user permission

  • Collect unsubscribe reason when someone unsubscribes.

  • Ability to change styles in the entire email all at once (global style editor)

  • Option to add border around content blocks in the email editor to be used for callout boxes and enhanced design.

  • Create and send polls (single question) and easily report on answers

  • Event invitation workflows: easily invite contacts to webinars or offline events, collect RSVPs. Send reminders to registrants before the event and send reminders to anyone who didn't respond to increase attendance.

  • Send automated emails based on dates for example to send birthday emails or renewal notices, etc.

  • Introducing a "reporting only" type user.

  • Option to automatically re-send emails to non-openers

  • Preview and test emails as any contact (especially useful to test dynamic content and merge fields)

  • View a list of contacts who are excluded from email campaigns prior to sending (who are the unsubscribed or invalid emails that emails won't be sent to)

  • Introduce reusable content blocks across different emails

  • Improvements to customizing the "unsubscribe footer" with real time preview

  • Add re-captcha option to prevent form submissions by bots

  • New email opens report for desktop vs mobile.

  • New email opens report for bots vs. humans

Your input for feature development and general improvements is always welcome: Fill out the product feedback form to let us know how Envoke could work better for you.

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