This page outlines our product roadmap. You can view completed features and updates here.

April 2021 - March 2022

Email editor

  • COMPLETED Duplicate and delete entire sections (multiple content blocks together)

  • Full width email layouts

  • Reusable content blocks across different emails

  • Ability to change styles in the entire email all at once (global style editor)

  • COMPLETED Improved font control for headlines

  • Improvements to unsubscribe footer customization with real time preview

  • Undo option (message wide, not just within individual content blocks)

Email campaigns

  • Option to automatically re-send emails to non-opens

  • Preview and test emails as any contact to test dynamic content and merge fields

  • View a list of contacts who are excluded from email campaigns prior to sending


  • Download email campaign reports in CSV and PDF format

  • Sub-account activity dashboard


  • Add two factor authentication option to login

  • Introduce a new "reporting only" type user role

  • COMPLETED Improved "session timed out" notification

List management and forms

  • COMPLETED Major update to the Email preferences page

  • COMPLETED Private subscriptions

  • COMPLETED Ability to import contacts who unsubscribed outside Envoke

  • COMPLETED Double opt-in for form submissions

  • Re-captcha to filter form submissions by bots

  • Form editor workflow enhancements


  • COMPLETED Sync unsubscribed contacts automatically to your CRM using web hooks

  • OAUTH support for APIs

Back-end / infrastructure

  • 2021 portion of major security and back-end enhancements required for SOC2 compliance

  • Billing back-end overhaul

Account setup

  • Implement domain authentication (DKIM) and custom domains fully self-serve

Your input for feature development and general improvements is always welcome: Fill out the product feedback form how Envoke could work better for you.

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